A Valid and Reliable Measure of ICD-11 Adjustment Disorder

The International Adjustment Disorder Questionnaire (IADQ) is a brief, simply-worded measure, focusing only on the core features of Adjustment Disorder, and employs straightforward diagnostic rules. The IADQ was developed to be consistent with the organizing principles of the ICD-11, as set forth by the World Health Organization, which are to maximize clinical utility and ensure international applicability through a focus on the core symptoms of a given disorder.

The IADQ is freely available in the public domain to all interested parties. The manuscript reporting the IADQ's psychometric properties is currently under review. This page will be updated when the progress of the manuscript changes. The IADQ has yet to be translated into any other language. Efforts to translate the IADQ are welcomed.

Please click on the version of the IADQ below that you would like. The pdf document includes the measure, a description, the key publications, and the scoring instructions. 

The International Adjustment Disorder Questionnaire_English Version

The International Adjustment Disorder Questionnaire_Spanish Version