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The International Depression Questionnaire (IDQ)

A Self-Report Measure of ICD-11 Depression

The International Depression Questionnaire (IDQ) is a self-report measure of ICD-11 Single Episode Depressive Disorder (ICD-11 diagnostic code 6A70). It can be used to generate severity scores and to identify cases meeting diagnostic criteria. The severity scoring method simply involves summing the scores of the 9 IDQ items producing a possible range of scores from 0 to 36. No cut-off scores are proposed, as caseness is defined by applying the ICD-11 diagnostic algorithm. The development and initial validation study can be found by clicking here.

Translations are in process. If you wish to contribute a translation, please contact Prof. Mark Shevlin by email at 

International Depression Questionnaire_English

International Depression Questionnaire_Ukrainian

Depression: Body
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