A global assessment of the ICD-11 stress-related disorders


About G-Stress

The Global Assessment of the ICD-11 Stress-Related Disorders (G-Stress) is a specific project within the larger Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress initiative. 

The Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress consists of researchers and clinicians from around the world representing traumatic stress societies worldwide, initiated by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) (See Schnyder et al., 2017). The collaboration is Chaired by Prof. Miranda Olff and co-chaired by Prof. Ulrich Schnyder.

The objective of the G-Stress project is to collect systematic data from around the world on the prevalence of trauma-exposure, and the major stress-related disorders listed in the ICD-11: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Complex PTSD (CPTSD), Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD), and Adjustment Disorder.

Members of G-Stress have already begun work gathering information on the current population  prevalence rates of these disorders in the United States (led by Prof. Marylene Cloitre), the United Kingdom (led by Prof. Thanos Karatzias), Germany (led by Prof. Andreas Maercker), Israel (led by Prof. Menachem Ben-Ezra), and the Republic of Ireland (led by Dr. Philip Hyland and Prof. Mark Shevlin). We invite researchers from around the world to undertake similar nationally representative studies in their own country. The G-Stress team are happy to share materials and knowledge to facilitate this work. Interested parties should contact Dr. Philip Hyland.

In addition to nationally representative data, G-Stress also focuses on the collection of data among clinical patients, and other unique groups in the global population such as forcibly displaced persons (led by Dr. Frederique Vallieres), emergency services and military personnel, victims of childhood and gender-based violence. 



If you would like to get in contact to join the consortium, to collaborate, or for any other reason, please email me.

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